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It started as a conversation....

A 100% Natural feminine care line with you in mind. — From my hands to yours. Oh how topics once only whispered about became a company dedicated to women and their vajén’s.  We’re a team of millennial women making the best feminine products for you.


La Vajén was created  because I wanted to take control of my body. I was tired of having to google ingredients to find out  if they are harmful to my vajén.


La Vajén is the creole word for The VAGINA. My grandmother always believed that the natural ingredients from the earth could heal us. I wanted to dedicate La Vajén to her because of her rich creole history and her love for natural healing.  La Vajén  is 100% natural and only contains natural ingredients from our mother earth.


Karly Shenell


La Vajén was created to empower and educate women about what they are putting on their lady parts.

We are spreading awareness of the benefits of using 100% natural feminine products and building a wellness community focused on overall health.

Our Misson


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